Backhoe Buckets

Backhoe GP Buckets

Backhoe GP Buckets

From $1,089.00 AUD
6T Backhoe Mud Buckets

6T Backhoe Mud Buckets

From $1,870.00 AUD

Grapple Buckets

Roo Attachments Grapple Bucket 6.5-9T
Roo Attachments Grapple Bucket 4-6T
Roo Attachments Grapple Bucket 2.8-4T
Roo Attachments Grapple Bucket 2-2.7T
Roo Attachments Grapple Bucket 18-23T
Roo Attachments Grapple Bucket 16-17T
Roo Attachments Grapple Bucket 10-15T
Roo Attachments Grapple Bucket 1.5T – 1.8T

Excavator Buckets

Excavator Buckets come in a wide variety, the tool is attached to your excavator to perform different tasks. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your different needs.


  • GP Buckets - the GP stands for General-Purpose, as these buckets are used for a variety of tasks, such as digging, loading, and grading. They are the most common type of excavator bucket. Earthmoving Warehouse stock Roo Attachments GP Buckets. Our GP range can be provided as Gummy, with Chisel or Tiger teeth, or cutting blades attached.

GP Buckets to suit Excavators

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  • Mud Buckets - also known as Batter Buckets are designed for digging and moving mud and are used to bulk out loose material and to final trim excavated sites. They have a wide, shallow shape and a sharp cutting edge. Mud buckets are often used for cleaning ditches and canals, and for excavating in swampy areas. Our heavy duty Mud Buckets by Roo Attachments are built tough for Australia's harsh conditions.

Roo GP bucket on 20T excavator

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  • Sieve Buckets - or Skeleton Buckets are designed for sifting loose materials, such as soil and gravel demolition waste and excavated earth. They have a mesh bottom that allows earth and small rocks to fall through, but retains larger items like bricks, concrete and asphalt. Sieve Buckets are often used for preparing soil for construction projects and for cleaning up debris.

Sieve Buckets for Excavators

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  • Roo Attachments Tilting Mud Buckets - a type of mud bucket that can be tilted to the side. This makes them ideal for cleaning ditches and canals, as it allows the operator to manoeuvre the bucket without having to reposition the excavator. Roo Attachments Tilting Mud Buckets are available for excavators from 800kg to 600 tonnes. 

Tilting Mud Bucket to suit Excavators

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When choosing your excavator bucket attachment, it is important to consider the type of material you will be working with and the tasks you need to perform. For example, if you will be working in soft, muddy conditions, you will need a bucket that is designed for that type of material. If you need to perform a variety of tasks, you may want to consider a GP bucket.
Excavator Bucket attachments are a valuable tool for any construction or landscaping business. They can help you to complete your projects more efficiently and effectively.

Skid Steer Buckets

At Earthmoving Warehouse we also provide a range of Digga Australia buckets for Skid Steers.

Digga 4in1 Bucket on Skid Steer

Backhoe Buckets

At Earthmoving Warehouse we also provide a range of Roo Attachments buckets for Backhoes.
Backhoe Bucket

Mini Loader Buckets

Australian designed and manufactured using only the highest quality components and materials. Digga has an extensive Mini 4 in 1 Bucket range suited for grading, scraping, grappling, dozing dirt or material spreading, and most construction work.
-Full range includes standard and high volume
-Grabbing teeth profiled on rear sides for greater grip
-Optional chisel and tiger teeth available with pin-on design
-Heavy duty 12mm hardened steel floor
-Fully welded 1 piece heavy duty 4mm grill/hungry board
-Unique rear channel design for maximum hose protection
-Cleaning slots allow for easy removal of built-up material around the cylinders
-Bucket level indicator which runs parallel with the floor allows operators to easily gauge when the floor is level.
    Digga mini mulcher open face bucket - Earthmoving Warehouse

    If you are unsure which Bucket is right for your project, give us a call on 0459 WAREHOUSE (that's 0459 927 346).