Digga 4 in 1 Bucket - Standard Range

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Digga 4 in 1 Bucket - Standard Range 

Machine Suitability: extensive range to suit most machines

Your go-to 4 in 1 bucket for grading, scraping, grappling, dozing, spreading and construction work.

Price Inclusions:


*This product is built to order. Please contact us for current build and delivery times before purchace. 


Standard Range: 1450mm - 1727mm (Low Cut Grill / Standard Floor)

*Lock Valve  is required for CAT, ASV, Kubota and JCB Machines. 

Add 7 Chisel Teeth or 7 Tiger Teeth*

Add B.O.E (Cutting Edge) x1 - Front*

Add B.O.E (Cutting Edge) x3 - Front, Dozer & Rear* 

*Teeth and Cutting Edges must be purchaced at time of order

*For Custom Teeth Options please contact us directly.


Also available in High Volume Range: 1727mm - 2130mm (High Cut Grill / Long Floor)


  • Grabbing teeth profiled on both front/rear overlap for greater grip of logs or other debris.
  • Side curved sections create greater opening bucket width of 860mm.
  • 1-piece heavy duty fully welded 6mm grill/hungry board with unique high visibility design, for clear vision of both front and back bucket edge.
  • Standard Heavy Duty 20mm Floors.
  • Optional reversible bolt on cutting edges for all 3 edges of the bucket
  • Optional chisel or tiger teeth with pin on design.
  • Full range available from 880mm to 2130mm.
  • 12mm and 16mm floors available on request.


STANDARD RANGE  1450 MM 1550 MM 1600 MM
Depth (Bucket Closed) 826 mm 826 mm 826 mm
Bucket Cutting Width 1450 mm 1550 mm 1600 mm
Height 643 mm 643 mm 643 mm
Weight 330 kg 345 kg 352 kg
Struck Volume 0.20 m³ 0.22 m³ 0.22 m³
Heaped Volume 0.26 m³ 0.29 m³ 0.29 m³
Depth (Bucket Closed) 826 mm 826 mm 826 mm
Bucket Cutting Width 1650 mm 1680 mm 1727 mm
Height 643 mm 643 mm 643 mm
Weight 360 kg 370 kg 380 kg
Struck Volume 0.23 m³ 0.23 m³ 0.24 m³
Heaped Volume 0.30 m³ 0.31 m³ 0.32 m³