Digga Tilting 6 in 1 Bucket - Standand Range

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Digga Tilting 6 in 1 Bucket (Standard Range) 

Machine Suitability: Available for most machine types (Multi Fit STD).

Standard Range: Low Cut Grill /1600mm - 1727mm / Standard Floor

Providing the operator with full radial control of the cutting angle, the slim line tilt frame design minimizes additional weight & distance from the machine, maximizing the full lift capacity.

Price Inclusions:

Bucket, Lock Valve, 3m Harness with 2 Pin Deutch Plug, Hoses & Couplers

*This product is made to order. Please contact us for current build and delivery times before purchace.   

Teeth and Cutting Edge Options:

- Chisel or Tiger Teeth (5 - 11)

- B.O.E (Cutting Edge) - x1 Front

- B.O.E (Cutting Edge) - x3 Front, Dozer and Rear

Electrics (Purchaced Seperately) 

- Electrics for Skid Steer Loaders with 8 Pin Service Plug 

- Electrics for Skid Steer Loaders with 14 Pin Service Plug 

- Plug & Play Kit for Skid Steer Loaders with No Service Plug 

- Plug and Play Kit for BobCat Machines. 

*Electrics must be purchaced seperately. Please Click Here. 


  • Fully enclosed, integrated valve blocks, with built in locking valve.
  • Hydraulic ram geometry creates exceptional tilting forces.
  • Hardened wear plate to increase wear life of moving parts of the tilt mechanism.


Standard 1600 1650 1680 1727
Depth (Bucket Closed) 826 826 826 826
Bucket Cutting Width 1600mm 1650mm 1680mm 1727mm
Height 729 729 729 729
Weight (No bolt-on blade) 492kg 500kg 510kg 520kg
Struck Volume 0.22 m³ 0.23 m³ 0.23 m³ 0.24 m³
Heaped Volume 0.29 m³ 0.30 m³ 0.31 m³ 0.32 m³