Digga Mini Rubble Bucket with Optional Grapple

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Digga Mini Rubble Bucket with Optional Grapple

Machine Suitability: Mini Loaders, Mini Machines

The Workhorse for site clean-up, ground leveling and sifting debris as well as removing rocks, bricks and other materials. Makes light work of tricky conditions. The optional hydraulically operated grapple can be fitted to provide a grabbing arm for trapping.

Price Inclusions:

Mini Rock Bucket, Built-in Frame  

*This product is made to order. Please contact us for current build and delivery times before purchace.


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  • Allows dirt to be sifted removing rocks, bricks, and foreign materials.
  • Ideal for preparing rocky soil making light work of the most difficult site conditions.


Specification 1200mm
Weight 88 kg
Overall Length 710 mm
Height 700 mm
Width 1200 mm
Tyne Spacing 69mm
Number of Tynes 15
Weight with Grapple 118 kg