Goanna Construction Equipment

Goanna Construction Equipment is an Australian provider of only quality plant and equipment for the construction industry.

Focusing on small construction machinery including skid steer loaders and compact track loaders, Goanna has been able to produce a world class machinery line up without compromising on quality.

Goanna Construction Equipment's line of products combine high performance with exceptional durability and quality. One of our advantages is being able to produce a product to the customers actual requirements in as short as time as possible, whilst continuing to improve our products through R&D and customer feedback.

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GOANNA Skid Steer Loaders 

The Goanna Skid Steer Loader range offers variety for all construction scenarios.

Rated Horse Powers from 53 to 100Hp

Rated Operating Capacities of 850 to 1430Kg

Operating Weights from 2780 to 4195kg

Standard, Vertical Lift and Extender Boom options.

GOANNA Track Loaders 

The Goanna Track Loader range offers high Hp and high performance.

Rated Horse Powers from 75 to 100Hp

Rated Operating Capacities of 1250 to 1320Kg

Operating Weights from 3850 to 4650kg

Vertical Lift and Extender Boom options.

Other Options

Why pay for something you don't need!?!

Goanna Construction Equipment gives you the option to customize your machine with everything you want and need including:

  • Open or enclosed cab
  • Air conditioning
  • High Flow Hydraulics
  • Two Speed travel
  • Self Levelling system
  • Hydraulic Quick hitch
  • Counter weights
  • Foot Pedal controls/ ISO controls / H Pattern controls
  • Rotating Beacon
  • Indicators
  • Internal Power supplies
  • Double accelerator (Hand and Foot)
  • Digital Instrument panel
  • Reverse Camera
  • E-Stops
  • Isolators
  • Rear Mounted rippers
  • Track Over wheels

Choose as many or as little amount of options you require and make the machine you need.

Goanna Construction and Earthmoving Warehouse

The teaming up of Goanna CE and Earthmoving Warehouse means we will supply you fantastic quality construction machines with Australia's best earth moving attachments.

Not only can you build your dream machine, you can add a wide range of attachments for the hundreds of different tasks required to do on the jobsite.

Choose from:

The Digga range of 4in1 or 6in1 buckets, trenchers, auger drives, pallet forks and more

The Earthquake range of rock breakers, slashers, stump buckets and post rammers


Through our finance partners we can offer package deals that suit your budget without compromising quality or busting the bank.


Skid Steer and Track Loader meaning;

skid loaderskid-steer loader, SSL, skid steer, skid steer or skiddy is a small, rigid-frame, engine-powered machine with lift arms that can attach to a wide variety of buckets and other labour-saving attachments and tools. Movement is provide through hydraulic motors to the wheels and tyres.

track loader, multi terrain loader, MTL, compact track loader, CTL or posi track loader have the same characteristics as skid steers except movement is provided through hydraulic motors to the track frame and rubber tracks.