Goanna Skid Steer SL53V - 53Hp with Vertical Lift

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The SLV series stands for "Vertical lift" and are ideal for taking pallets or bricks off a truck and placing them around the Jobsite as well as being perfect for loading dirt into a dump truck - It is designed for capacity, lift height, and better balance.

The SLV series is a great all-around skid steer loader, from paving to loading and more. SLV series is designed for long & stable operation in the toughest applications. They combine the best performance advantages into one machine, with the superior reach and light capacity and unmatched stability the SLV series is smooth, quiet, and very efficient.

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  • ISO Control System
  • Open Cabin
  • Standard Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow
  • Single Speed Travel Motors
  • Lever Locking Multi Fit/Universal Hitch
  • Hand Throttle Control
  • In Cabin 12v Auxiliary Power Supply
  • Analog Instrument Panel
  • Rotating beacon & Power supply

*All Goanna Loaders come with ISO Control Systems


Enclosed Cabin + Air Conditioning
Hydraulic Quick Hitch
Double accelerator
Self leveling system 
Digital instrument panel
High Flow Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow
2 Speed Travel Motors
Rear view camera 
Direction indicator 
Electrical Parking Brake
2nd 12V Power Supply 
Counter Weights

    Dimensions   SL53V
    Overall operating height (to top of bucket) A 3,848mm
    Overall operating height (to hinge pin) B 2,955mm
    Overall, Height C 2,032mm
    Overall Length (with bucket) D 3,300mm
    Overall Length {without bucket) E 2586mm
    Overall Width F 1690mm
    Tread Width G 1343mm
    Wheelbase H 1045mm
    Ground Clearance J 184mm
    Dump Angle K 41degrees
    Dump Height L 2234mm
    Dump Reach M 901mm
    Rollback at ground N 26degrees
    Turn the circle front (without bucket) Q 1246mm
    Turn circle front (with bucket) R 2011mm
    Turn circle rear S 1,504mm
    Overall width (without bucket) T 1,613mm
    Departure angle U 23degrees

    Hydraulic pump type Piston pump
    Hydraulic pump capacity 35cc/rev
    Hydraulic motor type Piston motor
    Hydraulic motor capacity 364cc/rev
    Lift cylinder Φ75*Φ40*612ST*850L
    Tilt cylinder Φ60*Φ35*472ST*708L
    Cycle times  
    Lift raising time 4.65sec
    Lift lowering time 3.33sec
    Tilt dumping time 2.54sec
    Tilt rollback time 1.80sec
    Aux. pump 27.9cc/rev
    Operating pressure 200bar


    Make / Model Hyundai D4BB
    Cooling type Water cooling diesel
    Displacement 2607cc
    No. of cylinder 4 cylinder in line
    Max. Torque 167Nm
    Power output / rpm 53HP / 2500rpm
    Battery volume 12V / 90AH
    Cylinder bore * stroke 91.1mm / 100mm
    Compression ratio 22
    Starting system Electric motor
    Alternator output 12V / 65AH


    Rated operating capacity   950kg
    Tipping load   1974kg
    Operating weight   2830kg
    Travel speed   10.8km/h
    Bucket capacity (heaped capacity)   .40m2
    Drive   4WD
    Tyre    10*16.5
    Power output   53HP
    /rpm   /2500rpm


    Cooling system 12L
    Fuel tank 58L
    Hydraulic reservoir 45L
    Engine oil 5.4L
    Chain case (each) 21L


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