Hushtec offers two main noise control solutions for rock breakers and noisy construction environments:

Hushtec Rock Breaker Shroud: This is an attachment specifically designed to reduce noise levels generated by rock breakers. It claims to bring down noise by up to 10 decibels (dB), which is a significant reduction. 

In the demolition industry, noise is a common challenge, particularly due to the high-impact work carried out by rock breakers.

Here are some additional features of the Hushtec Rock Breaker Shroud:

  • Protects workers from excessive noise exposure
  • Reduces dust and flying debris created during rock breaking
  • Easy to install and remove (around 5 minutes)
  • Fits rock breakers ranging from 1 ton to over 100 tons
  • Can be custom branded

Hushtec Noise Control Barriers: Hushtec offers a variety of premium noise control barriers that can be used in construction, demolition, and manufacturing sites to reduce noise pollution quieten external leakage of site noise. These barriers are customisable and come in different options like:

  • Performance Sound Barrier
  • Premium Noise Barrier
  • Transparent Noise Barrier

These barriers can help reduce noise pollution affecting nearby residents, businesses, and wildlife.

The Hushtec Noise Control Barrier - Performance Series are the most cost effective way to mitigate noise pollution by incorporating high performance attenuation and noise absorption products into the one durable panel. Obtain a 30dB reduction in site noise, plus, at only 6kg per panels allow easy installation, and transportation

The Hushtec's high-end Noise Control Barrier - Premium Series stands as the market’s top-performing and most versatile portable noise solution. With a 43dB noise leakage reduction from a construction sites, the Premium Series is the must robust and reliable performer available.

Earthmoving Warehouse positions itself as a provider of premium and customizable noise control solutions. We focus on high-quality materials and in-house design and manufacturing.