Hushtec Rock Breaker Shroud Attachment 46-50T

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Hushtec Breaker Shroud: Your key to safer and quieter construction operations by effectively reducing noise, dust, and debris

The Hushtec RBA Size 10 is suitable for all makes and models of rock breakers on excavators from 46 to 50 tonnes.

Protect Workers From Excessive Noise

  • Reduces rock breaker noise
  • Controls the dust created by rock breakers
  • Prevents flying debris
  • Five-minutes installation/removal time
  • Suitable for rock breakers from 1T to over 100T

Beneficiaries of Rock Breaker Noise Reduction Attachments

  • Workers on the demolition site
  • Nearby residents and those who work in companies close to the demolition site
  • Wildlife close to the demolition site that would otherwise be disturbed by excess noise

The Hushtec Rock Breaker silencer delivers a substantial noise reduction of up to 10dB, effectively mitigating the impact of excessive noise generated by rock breakers.