Hushtec Noise Control Barrier Performance Series

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Looking for a noise-reduction solution that’s flexible and high-performing, look no further than Hushtec's Noise Control Barrier Performance Sound.

Easily applied to temporary fencing, scaffolding, and hoarding, these Noise Control Barriers allow you to create customised noise barrier tailored to your precise needs.

Features and Specifications:

  • Size - 1300mm wide x 2000mm high panels
  • 6.5Kg per panel
  • Up to 30dB noise reduction
  • Velcro connected for minimal noise leakage
  • Weatherproof, for outdoor and indoor use
  • Controls the spread of dust & fumes
  • Tensioned eyelets for added install points
  • Fully reusable
  • Lifetime workmanship guarantee


Hushte's Noise Control Barrier systems are robust and strong, so you can be sure they will stand the test of time, even after multiple uses.