EarthQuake Attachments is an Australian innovator in the space of specialized earthmoving equipment.

At EarthQuake, we are passionate about enhancing the efficiency and performance of earthmovers, through our meticulously designed attachments. With a commitment to quality and precision, we empower industries to conquer challenging terrains with ease.

Our product line showcases a diverse range of cutting-edge attachments designed to meet the unique needs of most size machines. With specifically designed attachments to suit Excavators from the nimble 1-tonne to the robust 120-tonne giants, Skid Steers, Backhoes and Telehandlers. EarthQuake Attachments has the perfect solution for every scale of earthmoving.

Key Products:

  • Rock Breakers: Unleash unparalleled strength for breaking through the toughest rocks.
  • Post Rammers: Versatile solutions for driving posts accurately, designed for both excavators and skid steers.
  • Slashers: Efficient vegetation management for excavators between 3 and 6.5 tonnes.
  • Flail Mowers: Precision cutting and landscaping for excavators between 2.5 and 20 tonnes.
  • Spreader Bars: Heavy duty levelling attachments for skid steers. Designed for moving excess materials across the ground, removing high spots and filling in low spots.
  • Log Splitters: Heavy duty, robust, compact, and versatile. Made from heat treated hardened steel, easily split logs and felled trees into more manageable sizes.
  • Stump Planers: With fixed blades, debris cleaners and a welded on extension bar, the blade cuts away the stump, layer by layer, until it is level with the ground or deeper as required.
  • Stump Buckets: The robust curved design and serrated edge allows you to dig out and cut tree roots, then remove the stump.
  • Harley Rake: Easily rake stones and debris to either side or straight ahead for easy pick up.
  • Tilt Attach: Connects as an adapter between a Skid Steer Loader’s mount frame and its attachment. Provides 17 degree tilting each way.

At EarthQuake Attachments, our Australian spirit of resilience and innovation shines through in every product. Choose us for top-tier attachments that redefine efficiency and elevate your earthmoving capabilities.

EarthQuake Attachments - Where innovation meets excavation!