Kato CL35 and Earthquake Post Rammer Combo Package

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Kato CL35 Compact Track Loader and EarthQuake PR50S or PR70S Post Rammer Combo Package

The Kato CL35-4F Compact Track Loader and the EarthQuake Post Rammer are the perfect match for steel and timber posts up to 225mm in diameter.

Sit back in your climate controlled air cabin whilst the PR50S or PR70S punches in the posts! From rapid fire installation of drill casing and rail iron to 180mm (PR50S) or 225mm (PR70S) diameter timber posts, the S series models are proven workhorses in the Earthquake Rammer range.

Suitable for all types of post including: Drill stem, rail iron and timber posts.

Package includes:

  • Kato CL35-4F Compact Track Loader
  • PR50S Post Rammer or PR70S Post Rammer
  • Skid steer frame
  • Hoses and Couplers
  • Toolbox and Nitrogen Recharge Kit
  • 1x 100mm Post Cup and 1x 150mm Post Cup
  • Premium Post Rammer Grease and Grease Gun
  • 3 Years Waranty (Kato) and 2 Years Warranty (Post Rammer)
  • and includes a Digga 4in1 Bucket with BOE or Teeth!

Kato CL35 Track Loader specifications:

  • 62hp Kubota V2403-CR Engine
  • Comes standard with Air Conditioned Cabin
  • ROPS Certified
  • Auxiliary Flow 80.6 L/pm
  • 3600kg Air Cab Operating weight
  • 2135mm - Overall height
  • 3500mm - Overall length (with bucket)
  • Fuel tank capacity - 91L
  • 6.7Km/10km Travel Speed (Low/High)
  • 3 Years/3000 Hours Warranty

PR50S Post Rammer specifications:

  • Operating Weight: 455kg with Frame
  • Stem Diameter: 68mm
  • Oil Flow: 40-70 Lpm
  • Operating Pressure: 110-140 Bar
  • Impact Energy: 690 Joules
  • Impact Rate: 500-900 Bpm


PR70S Post Rammer specifications:

  • Operating Weight: 525kg with Frame
  • Stem Diameter: 75mm
  • Oil Flow: 50-90 Lpm
  • Operating Pressure: 130-150 Bar
  • Impact Energy: 900 Joules
  • Impact Rate: 400-800 Bpm


Designed and Engineered in Australia!

 New Features to get you fencing even faster

Quick Change Post Cup

All PR50S, PR50R, PR70S and PR70R Post Rammers now come with the new Quick Change Post Cup feature.

Changing cups sizes to match the post diameters has never been easier.

Change your post cup diameter in seconds!

A must have for contractors and farmers having to easily change cup sizes for multiple post types.

Tilt Attach

Do you have hilly or uneven ground you need to fence?

No problem!

The Australian made Post Rammer Tilt Attach is now available on all PR50S, PR50R, PR70S and PR70R models.

The Tilt Attach enables you to tilt the Post Rammer 6 degrees to the right and 12 degrees to the left.

SImply put you can use the Earthquake Post Rammers where ever you need to fence.

Already own an Earthquake Post Rammer? The Tilt Attach is retrofittable to your post rammer.

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