Auger Drives for all makes and models of Mini Excavator, Excavator, Skid Steer Loader, Backhoe, Tractor and Telehandler.



When selecting your auger drive unit, it is important to understand:

1. What flow & pressure the machine has.
2. What size augers are intended to be used.
3. What ground conditions will be drilled in.

Machine Flow – determines the speed at which the auger will turn. By selecting your flow range & working across the chart you can see which drive is going to be the most suitable for the application you are performing.


General Purpose Earth drilling and Smaller Augers *  55 - 65 RPM
Heavy Earth, Clay, Soft Chalky Rocks **  45 - 55 RPM
Rock Augers ***  20 - 45 RPM

*Smaller augers in general earth conditions need more speed.
**Mid sizes augers / harder soils & compact clays

***Large augers and fracturable rock. Drilling in rock is about power not speed. Too much speed creates too much heat & therefore will wear the teeth out faster. Too much speed will also not allow the teeth to rip into the rock to break it out.

N.B. Effective drilling in rock requires down pressure & torque. Not all rock is drillable and having the right machine for the application is essential.


Machine Pressure – Determines the amount of torque a machine will deliver
The importance of torque with drilling augers – The larger the auger diameter the more torque (pressure) that will be needed.

N.B. All technical specifications are THEORETICAL only & intended to be used as a guide.

Hose Lengths

Standard Hose Lengths - Mini Excavators

PDD, PDDH, PDX, PDXH, PDX2 and PDXH2 1.6m 

PD3, PDH3, PD4, PDH4, PD5, PDH5, PD6, PDH6, PD7 and PDH7 2.2m

Standard Hoses Lengths - Skid Steer Loaders, Tractors and Backhoes

PDD, PDDH PDX, PDXH, PDX2, PDXH2, PD3, PDH3, PD4, PDH4, PD5, PDH5, PD6, PDH6, PD7 and PDH7 2.2m

Standard Hose Lengths - Excavators over 8 tonnes 3m

Please advise in SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER on the first page of the checkout if you require hoses of any other length.