Digga PD4 and PDH4 Auger Drive for Skid Steer Loaders up to 120Hp

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The Digga PD4 and PDH4 Earth Drills are suitable for skid steer loaders up to 120HP

Perfect for: 

All makes and models of skid steer loaders up to 120Hp with

  • Multi Fit/Universal Frames
  • Toyota Huski Frames


  • Multi Fit frames are available as Fixed Centre Mount or Slide Frames
  • Huski horizontal locking pin frames are only available as a Slide Frame


Package includes:

1x Digga PD4 or PDH4 Auger Drive
1x Hoses and Hydraulic Couplers (poppet or flat faced)

Optional extras:

  • Link Block
  • Skid steer fixed centre mount frame
  • Skid steer loader slide frame

PDH4 with Halo Alignment options include:

  • Link Block with Halo DIY Cable Install Kit
  • Link Block with Halo and Battery Pack
  • Skid steer loader fixed centre mount frame with Halo DIY Cable Install Kit
  • Skid steer loader fixed centre mount frame and Battery Pack
  • Skid steer loader slide frame with Halo DIY Cable Install Kit
  • Skid steer loader slide frame and Battery Pack

Digga PD4 and PDH4 Earth Drill Specifications:

Torque: 2316 - 4448Nm
Oil Flow Range: 55-85Lpm
Oil Pressure Range: 60 - 240 Bar
Hub: 65mm Round

What is HALO

HALO has a highly visible indicator - Digga Australia

Highly visible indicator

Halo features recessed high accuracy inclination green and red LED indicators, which can be clearly seen in daylight. With Halo, there in no need for an in-cab display screen, and no need to take your eyes off the job to realign your auger.


HALO has a 'no setup' battery option - Digga Australia

No setup (battery option)

Halo can be connected to the in-cab cigarette lighter, or powered by a magnetised rechargeable battery which will last all day, and can be charged via USB or a 240V wall charger. The battery pack can be attached to the drive hood, frame, machine boom, or placed in-cab.


HALO lets you preset the angle of inclination - Digga Australia

Set angle of inclination

The battery powered option features a 'zeroing' function which lets the operator set the angle of inclination with the press of a button. This feature is ideal for the installation of shade sails.


HALO innovative technology - Digga Australia


HALO utilises a microprocessor and 6 sensors to provide accurate readings to +/- 0.25 degrees - Even under heavy vibration. Effectively eliminating the need for a spotter with a spirit level. The dust/water proof LED ring is also recessed into the hood to protect it from knocks.


HALO is Australian made - Digga Australia

Durable Australian quality

HALO is proudly made in Australia, and has undergone 4 years of development & testing to ensure the unit works faultlessly, and is capable of enduring the rigors of our industry. 

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