The Perfect Rural Post Rammer For Fencing

EarthQuake PR70R Rural Post Rammer

The Earthquake PR70R Post Rammer is a powerful and reliable post rammer that can handle the toughest of terrain. With its powerful 900 Joules of Impact Energy and a variable Impact Rate between 400-800 Bpm, it's the perfect choice for almost any type of drill stem, rail iron and timber posts to 225mm in diameter.

EarthQuake PR70R Post Rammer Australians Best Post Rammer

Made with a heavy-duty steel frame, the PR70R Post Rammer can withstand even the harshest of Australia's conditions. 

Recent improvements to the design include the addition of the Quick Change Post Cup feature. Allowing you to switch your post cup to match the posts diameters in seconds. This feature is a must have for contractors and farmers that have to change cup sizes for multiple jobs or post types.

This high-performance post rammer is designed for the most demanding fencing jobs and is perfect for rural fencing applications.

Earthquake PR70R Post Rammer

The PR70R is the perfect Post Rammer (or Post Driver) for skid steer loaders from 60Hp to 110Hp. Ideal for working on properties where fencing is required to maintain or upgrade existing assets.

The Earthquake PR70R Post Rammer is the perfect tool for rural fencing applications. It is reliable, powerful, and easy to use, making it the ideal choice for any fencing job. It is available now for just $13,585.

Do you have hilly or uneven ground you need to fence?

Thanks to the Australian made EarthQuake Post Rammer Tilt Attach, fencing on uneven ground is no problem. 

The Tilt Attach enables you to tilt the Post Rammer 6 degrees to the right and 12 degrees to the left.

Simply put you can use the Earthquake Post Rammers where ever you need to fence.

Best of all, the Tilt Attach can be retrofit to your existing EarthQuake Post Rammer.

The Australian made Post Rammer Tilt Attach. EarthQuake PR70R


If you're looking for a post rammer that can handle the toughest and most rugged terrain? Look no further than the Earthquake PR70R Post Rammer.

Check out the EarthQuake PR70R Post Rammer Here.