Digga Auger Drive HALO - Drill em Straight Every Time

Digga Auger Drive HALO - Drill em Straight Every Time

HALO is Digga Australia's alignment system, which provides an operator with a clear line of sight to a ring of LED lights around the auger drive to indicate alignment. The HALO utilises a band of LED lights, which when fully illuminated green, indicate the drive is plumb. If the drive moves from its plumb position, a sequence of highly visible red and green lights illuminate to effortlessly guide the operator back to plumb.

Highly Visible Indicator
Halo features recessed high accuracy inclination green and red LED indicators, which can be clearly seen in daylight. With Halo, there in no need for an in-cab display screen, and no need to take your eyes off the job to realign your auger.


Digga Australia's Auger Drive HALO

'No Setup' Battery Option
Halo can be connected to the in-cab cigarette lighter, or powered by a magnetised rechargeable battery which will last all day, and can be charged via USB or a 240V wall charger. The battery pack can be attached to the drive hood, frame, machine boom, or placed in-cab.

Set the Angle of Inclination
The battery powered option features a 'zeroing' function which lets the operator set the angle of inclination with the press of a button. This feature is ideal for the installation of shade sails.
Digga Auger Drive HALO
Innovative Technology
HALO utilises a microprocessor and 6 sensors to provide accurate readings within +/- 1.5 degrees of plumb - Even under heavy vibration. Effectively eliminating the need for a spotter with a spirit level. The dust/water proof LED ring is also recessed into the hood to protect it from knocks.

Australian Made
HALO is proudly made in Australia, and has undergone 4 years of development & testing to ensure the unit works faultlessly, and is capable of enduring the rigors of our industry.

Earthmoving Warehouse offer the Digga HALO system as a retrofit kit for current owners of the Digga PDD to PD7 Auger Drive. As well as pre-installed options for new purchases. 


Digga Australia's HALO Auger Drive Alignment System


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