Roo Attachments Hydraulic Grab 1.5 - 2T with Single Ram Earthmoving Warehouse
Roo Attachments Hydraulic Grab 1.5 - 2T with Single Ram Earthmoving Warehouse

Roo Attachments Hydraulic Grab 1.5 - 2.4T with Single Ram

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Machine Make and Hich Specs: Choose an option

Machine Make and Hich Specs: Choose an option
Cat 30P/126C/110E
Bobcat 30P/123C/110E
Kato 30P/105C/105E
Kobelco 30P/105C/108E
Kubota 30P/85C/96E
Yanmar 30P/105C/108E
Airman 30P/118C/118E
Case 30P/142C/110E
Hitachi 30P/118C/118E
Hyundai 30P/140C/122E
John Deere 32P/130C/121E
Komatsu 30P/124C/122E
Nagano 30P/126C/110E
New Holland 30P/142C/110E
Takeuchi 30P/132C/113E
Wacker Neuson 32P/130C/121E
Wacker Neuson 30P/230C/180E
Sany 30P/135C/115E
UHI 30P/90C/95E
XCMG 30P/90C/95E

Roo Attachments 1.5 to 2.4T rated Hydraulic Grab with Single Ram

Suits mini excavators of all makes and models from 1.5 to 2.4 tonnes.

Hydraulic Rock Grabs for Mini Excavators

The Roo Attachments Hydraulic Rock Grabs are the perfect choice for your mini excavator. Also known as log grabs, demolition grabs or hydraulic grabs they are made with Bisalloy Steel making them lighter and tougher for the most demanding of tasks.

Put them to work lifting and placing rocks, pulling vegetation and log removal, removal of concrete and masonry products, sorting and recycling of waste and scrap metals.

Grabber Specifications:

Make: Roo Attachments

Weight: 99kg

Opening: 720mm

Width: 400mm

Warranty: 2 Years


  • Bisalloy Steel construction - Stronger and Lighter
  • The hydraulic hoses and cylinder are protected by the cylinder guard.
  • All pivot points are greaseable.
  • Tyne edges are serrated optimising grip.
  • Wider opening 720mm and lighter 99kg makes them the perfect performer for your mini excavator.

Includes: Double Pin Hitch, Hoses and couplers of your choice.

Perfect for

Airman AX17U
Bobcat 324, E17, E20
Case CX17
Cat 301.5, 301.6, 301.7, 301.8, 302
Eurocomach ES18ZT
Hitachi ZX17U
Hyundai R16, R17
Kobelco SK17SR, SK20SR
Komatsu PC18MR
Kubota KX41, KX016, KX018, U17
New Holland E17C
Sany SY16
TB016, TB215, TB216
Volvo EC18
Wacker Neuson ET16, ET18, EZ17
Yanmar Vio17, Vio20
Yuchai YC15, YC18

Free shipping on select 1.7T Grabs

Checking your machines hitch specifications.

The pin layout of your machine is crucial especially for machines with Half Hitches (pull pin hitch).

Please choose the make your machine from the drop down menu and compare its hitch specs.

  • Pin Diameter = P
  • Pin Centres = C
  • Ear Width/Boss Width = E

Note that some machine models are made by a different manufacturer (OEM).  

Examples of this include the early model Case CX17B which at the time was manufactured by Kobelco and being the SK17SR-2. Both have the same hitch specs.

Recently Yanmar have produced the Kobelco SK17SR-5 and -6 and the Case CX17C is now produced by Hyundai being the R17Z-9A.

So please review all hitch specs from the drop down menu and check measure all pin specs of your machine prior to purchasing.

If your machines hitch specs are not on the list please provide its specifications in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER on the first page of the checkout.

How to measure your hitch specs:

  1. Choose one of your attachments.
  2. Measure the Pin Diameters. Check both front and back pins.
  3. Measure the pin centres. From the centre of the front pin to the centre of the back pin.
  4. Measure the width where the hitch of the machine fits between the ears or bosses. Which ever is narrowest.

Other information required:

Please advise in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER section on the first page of the checkout;
1) Your machines hitch type: Half Hitch, Hydraulic Hitch or Tilting Hydraulic Hitch
This will help us determine what length of hose is required.

2) What type of hydraulic fittings you require

Package Variants
Machine Make and Hich Specs

Cat 30P/126C/110E, Bobcat 30P/123C/110E, Kato 30P/105C/105E, Kobelco 30P/105C/108E, Kubota 30P/85C/96E, Yanmar 30P/105C/108E, Airman 30P/118C/118E, Case 30P/142C/110E, Hitachi 30P/118C/118E, Hyundai 30P/140C/122E, John Deere 32P/130C/121E, Komatsu 30P/124C/122E, Nagano 30P/126C/110E, New Holland 30P/142C/110E, Takeuchi 30P/132C/113E, Wacker Neuson 32P/130C/121E, Wacker Neuson 30P/230C/180E, Sany 30P/135C/115E, UHI 30P/90C/95E, XCMG 30P/90C/95E