Pier Hole Protectors

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Pier Hole Protectors - Auger Hole Caps

Protect Your Workers, Protect Your Site: Why Auger Hole Safety Covers Are a Must-Have

It is now illegal to leave an excavation open and uncovered for any length of time, regardless of if the site is secure.

Pier Hole Covers, a re-usable hole safety cover, are an essential safety device for every construction or landscaping project. These heavy-duty polypropylene covers completely secure the top of freshly excavated holes, preventing falls, keeping out debris and animals, and giving you peace of mind knowing your workers and site are protected.

Here's why EPS hole safety covers are the smart choice:

  • Safety first: Our patented design dramatically reduces the risk of injuries or death from accidental falls into excavations.
  • Durable and reusable: Made from high-quality, UV-protected polypropylene, these covers can withstand harsh weather conditions and repeated use.
  • Cost-effective: Save money compared to traditional methods like plywood or fencing, while ensuring compliance with safety regulations.
  • Simple to use: Easy to install and remove, even by one person.
  • Versatile: Available in a range of sizes to fit most excavation needs.


  • Available sizes: 600mm & 900mm
  • Made from a durable and heavy-duty polypropylene with UV protection package
  • Engineered to withstand 440 pound (200kg) work load – FEA tested and RPEQ certified
  • Centre grab point and recessed strike points to secure teeth into ground
  • Four points to secure the cap
  • Provisions to secure into ground with a star picket
  • Anti-slip
  • High-visibility “Safety Yellow” and also available in a range of fluoro safety colours (pre-ordering and minimum amounts are required for colours other than Yellow)
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • 100% owned and manufactured in AUSTRALIA

Choosing the size of the Pier Hole Cover

600mm suits holes up to 450mm

900mm suits holes up to 750mm

Accidents happen. Let's remove a major cause of accidents from your work site.

By safely securing the open excavation, the risk of a fall is dramatically reduced.

Current practice is to cover pier holes with plywood, which is then often thrown out after being removed.

Plywood is expensive, time consuming, wasteful and against WH&S regulation.

Simply using plywood is not the answer.

When a pier hole fills with rubbish, debris and water, it is costly to clear them out.

By covering them with a pier hole protector as soon as the hole is dug, the risk of if filling up with unwanted matter is minimised.

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Package Variants

600mm, 900mm, 600mm x12 FREE Shipping, 900mm x4 FREE Shipping