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The Kato IC70R is a 360° slewing crawler carrier that was released in May 2023. It is designed to be more compact and safer than previous models, while still meeting the needs of demanding applications.

The IC70R has a number of features that improve its safety, including:

  • Engine overrun prevention system: This system uses an electrically controlled engine and hydraulic pumps to significantly reduce the risk of engine overrun, making downhill travel much safer.
  • Low centre of gravity: The centre of gravity is lowered while maintaining ground clearance at 560mm. This results in increased stability in all directions, thus decreasing the risk of overturning.
  • Safety in tight spaces: The width of the IC70R is decreased to 2490mm while maintaining stability. This makes it less likely to make contact with other machines or obstacles in tight working spaces.
  • Better visibility: The visibility from the cabin is increased. The operator can also check blind spots from cameras equipped on the vehicle.
  • ROPS cabs: The IC70R is equipped with ROPS cabs for better safety.
  • In addition to its safety features, the IC70R also has a number of other features that make it a versatile and efficient machine, including:
  • A powerful engine that meets EU Stage V and EPA Tier 4 regulations
  • An energy-saving mode that helps to reduce fuel consumption
  • A comfortable and spacious cabin with a tilt-up operator's seat
  • A variety of attachments that can be used for a wide range of tasks
  • The Kato IC70R is a versatile and capable crawler carrier that is well-suited for a variety of applications. It is a safe and efficient machine that is sure to meet the needs of demanding users.


  • Engine: Kubota V5009, 4-cylinder, water-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine

  • Rated output: 140 kW (187 hp) @ 2,600 rpm

  • Fuel tank capacity: 285 liters

  • Crawler width: 2,490 mm

  • Ground clearance: 560 mm

  • Transport Weight: 11,525 kg

  • Payload: 7,000 kg

  • Travel speed: 8 km/h (low), 12 km/h (high)



    Traveling, vessel, and slewing controls are controlled with two joystick levers on both sides, ensuring more comfortable operations even under long hours.
    - Left joystick lever: Traveling and vessel controls
    - Right joystick lever: Slewing controls


    Switches that are frequently used are concentrated near the monitor for easier operations.


    A recliner seat with suspension is used to fit the operator’s body better. The height of the cab is also lowered, for easier movements.


    The vessel is able to dump load with a 90 degrees slewing angle. The all-slewing capability is also handy in tight working spaces.

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