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The Carry 107.HT: Your tireless and versatile site partner.

Whether you need to move materials across challenging terrain or unload them directly into trucks or specific skips, the Carry 107.HT mini-dumper is your perfect companion. This tracked machine boasts speed, safety, and tireless performance, making it an ideal choice for various on-site tasks.

The innovative "Hi-Tip" kit is the game-changer. It allows you to effortlessly empty the skip from above, providing greater flexibility and convenience in material handling. No more struggling with manual unloading or awkward angles – simply raise the skip up to 1600mm high and let gravity do its job.

An Expanding Track Frame allow for greater access to work sites and then greater stability when manoeuvring, dumping, and travelling across rugged terrain.

With its combination of power, maneuverability, and ease of use, the Carry 107.HT keeps your site running smoothly and efficiently. It's the perfect solution for:

    • Construction: Transporting sand, gravel, concrete, and other materials.
    • Landscaping: Moving mulch, soil, rocks, and plants.
    • Demolition: Clearing debris and rubble from confined spaces.
    • General maintenance: Handling materials for various site tasks.

Upgrade your site operations with the Carry 107.HT and experience the difference.


    • Self Tensioning Tracks
    • Travel Speed 2.3/3.2 km/h
    • Powered by Yanmar L100V6-AE diesel
    • c/w High Tip Bucket
    • Expanding Tracks 760mm - 1060mm
    • Variable Dump Height 1060mm - 1600mm


      •  Diesel Engine: Yanmar L100V6-AE 6.8kW HP @ 3600 rpm
      •  Transport Weight: 675 kg
      •  Rated Payload: 700 kg


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