Digger Shield Screen Kit

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Model: Choose an option

Model: Choose an option
Kubota U17-3 - Tint
Kubota U17-3 - Clear
Kubota U25-3 - Tint
Kubota U25-3 - Clear
Yanmar Vio17 - Tint
Yanmar Vio17 - Clear
Yanmar Vio20 - Tint
Yanmar Vio20 - Clear
Yanmar Vio25-6a - Tint
Yanmar Vio25-6a - Clear
Kobelco SK17sr – Tint
Kobelco SK17sr – Clear
Kobelco SK20SR-6 – Tint
Kobelco SK20SR-6 – Clear
Kobelco SK25SR-6E – Tint
KobelcoSK25SR-6E - Clear
Wacker Neuson EZ17 – Tint
Wacker Neuson EZ17 – Clear
Caterpillar 301.7d-cr (pre 2017) - Tint
Caterpillar 301.7d-cr (pre 2017) - Clear
John Deere E18S – Tint
John Deere E18S – Clear
Bobcat E17z – Tint
Bobcat E17z – Clear
Bobcat E20 – Tint
Bobcat E20 – Clear
Doosan DX17z – Tint
Doosan DX17z – Clear
Hitachi ZX17u – Tint
Hitachi ZX17u - Clear

Variation: Choose an option

Variation: Choose an option
Full Set
Rear Screen

Digger Shield Screen Kit

The Digger Shield Screen Kit provides comfort and versatility, maximum visibility and protection in storms, rain, wind, and heat conditions.

Benefits of the Digger Shield Screen Kit:

  • Protection from the elements: The enclosure will protect the machine from rain, snow, wind, and sun damage.
  • Noise reduction: The enclosure can help to reduce noise pollution from the machine.
  • Safety: The enclosure can help to prevent accidents by creating a barrier between the machine and people.
  • Security: The enclosure can help to deter theft by making it more difficult to access the machine.
  • Increased visibility: The clear or tinted polycarbonate sheets will allow for maximum visibility of the machine, which can be helpful for operators and maintenance personnel.
  • Customizable: The enclosure can be customized to fit the specific needs of the machine and the environment.

Suitable for:

  • Kubota U17-3
  • Kubota U25-3
  • Yanmar Vio17
  • Yanmar Vio20
  • Yanmar Vio25-6a
  • Kobelco SK17sr
  • Kobelco SK20SR-6 - confirm canopy
  • Kobelco SK25SR-6E
  • Wacker Neuson EZ17
  • Caterpillar 301.7d-cr (pre 2017)
  • John Deere E18S
  • Bobcat E17z
  • Bobcat E20
  • Doosan DX17z
  • Hitachi ZX17u

Package Variants

Kubota U17-3 - Tint, Kubota U17-3 - Clear, Kubota U25-3 - Tint, Kubota U25-3 - Clear, Yanmar Vio17 - Tint, Yanmar Vio17 - Clear, Yanmar Vio20 - Tint, Yanmar Vio20 - Clear, Yanmar Vio25-6a - Tint, Yanmar Vio25-6a - Clear, Kobelco SK17sr – Tint, Kobelco SK17sr – Clear, Kobelco SK20SR-6 – Tint, Kobelco SK20SR-6 – Clear, Kobelco SK25SR-6E – Tint, KobelcoSK25SR-6E - Clear, Wacker Neuson EZ17 – Tint, Wacker Neuson EZ17 – Clear, Caterpillar 301.7d-cr (pre 2017) - Tint, Caterpillar 301.7d-cr (pre 2017) - Clear, John Deere E18S – Tint, John Deere E18S – Clear, Bobcat E17z – Tint, Bobcat E17z – Clear, Bobcat E20 – Tint, Bobcat E20 – Clear, Doosan DX17z – Tint, Doosan DX17z – Clear, Hitachi ZX17u – Tint, Hitachi ZX17u - Clear


Full Set, Rear Screen