Digga Rotary Tiller

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Digga Rotary Tiller

Machine suitability: Skid Steer Loaders

Used to prepare ground for turfing, planting and seeding. Made in Australia, this premium attachment will turn the toughest of grounds into workable soil.

Price Inclusions:

RotaryTiller, Built In Multifit Frame, Hoses and Couplers.

NB: This product is built to order. Please request build time and delivery dates for each product. 


Optional Scarifier - One Only

Otional Set of 5 Scarifier Teeth


Dual rotation with bi-directional tynes.

Two position offset mount that covers wheel/tracks and allows tight cut next to obstacles.

Front edge is designed to level out uneven ground.

Rear scarifier assembly significantly increases productivity by combining the tractive effort and force of the loader with hydraulic power of the tiller.

High torque efficient chain system and high clearance hood to handle trash.

Adjustable scarifier depth.

Recommended Flow 65-110lpm
A Width (overall)
B Max Tilling Width 1676mm
C Length (overall) 1220mm
D Height (overall) 890mm
E Tilling Depth 150mm
Weight 454kgs
Number of tynes 32
Number of Scarifier Teeth (optional) 5