Digga Mini Vibratory Roller

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Digga Mini Vibratory Roller

Machine Suitability: Skid Steer Loaders & Mini Loaders

A versatile and efficient roller for sand, gravel, soil and asphalt surfaces. Available with a smooth drum, the Digga Mini Roller provides a productive and cost-effective compaction solution.

Perfect for golf courses, parking lots, roadways, landscaping, bike paths and walkways.

Price Inclusions:

Mini Roller, Hoses and Couplers

NB: This product is made to order. Please check for current build and delivery times for this product. 


  • Protected and Isolate Hydraulic drives to provide maximum performance.
  • Adjustable steel scraper blade between the frame and drum ensures smooth, uniform compaction.
  • Delivers up to 1130kg of dynamic force.

Specifications ML-000109
A Width (Overall)
B Drum Width 914mm
C. Height (Overall) 546mm
D. Length (Overall) 874mm
E. Drum Diameter 508mm
Operating Weight (kgs) 381
Dynamic Force (kgs) 1130
Vibrating Speed (vpm) 2000
Vibrating Weight (kgs) 229
Drum Oscillation/Tilt (degrees) 15
Hydraulic Motor Flow Options (LPM) 22 - 35 or 37 - 52