Digga Hydrive Trencher 900mm with Diggatac Chain

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Trenchers for Skid Steer Loaders up to 75hp Standard Flow.


The Digga Hydrive Trencher 900mm with Diggatac Chain has the option of 5 different size chains to choose from:

Skid Steer Loaders with Multi Fit Frames:

100mm Diggatac Chain Digga Hydrive Trencher  Part # HDT-000032

150mm Diggatac Chain Digga Hydrive Trencher Part # HDT-000010

200mm Diggatac Chain Digga Hydrive Trencher Part # HDT-000037

250mm Diggatac Chain Digga Hydrive Trencher Part # HDT-000040

300mm Diggatac Chain Digga Hydrive Trencher Part # HDT-000014

"Plug and Play" packages include:

  • Hydrive Trencher
  • Hoses and Couplers of your choice
  • Multi FIt Skid Steer Frame

Hydrive Trenchers with Diggatac Chain

For the serious trenching contractor in heavy and hard ground conditions.

  • TUNGSTEN TEETH - Best used in hard ground conditions and asphalt

Trencher usage ranges from pipe laying for irrigation, to underground power & communications, road repairs, and general construction.

Hydrive trencher - Unique drive system positioning - Digga Australia

Unique drive system positioning

Drive System positioning allows for more usable horse power, providing greater efficiency for serious trenching. The EATON motor is housed above the spoil, protecting from rocks and debris.

Hydrive trencher - Heavy duty crumbing system - Digga Australia

Heavy duty crumbing system

Start trenching with the crumber in-ground. A super heavy duty spring ensures the crumber stays engaged with the bottom of the trench for maximum spoil removal from start to finish. 

Hydrive trencher - Remove spoil from both sides - Digga Australia

Remove spoil from both sides

Twin Spoil Augers remove finely crumbled spoil to both sides of the trench for a cleaner finish. Both augers can be detached when needed for close-up trenching to walls or fences.

Hydrive trencher - Trench faster and safer with a high visibility grill - Digga Australia

Trench faster & safer with a high visibility grill

A High Visibility Grill lets the operator see what thery are doing regardless of the trencher's angle, helping them to work faster and safer.

Hydrive trencher - Advanced design for minimal ground disturbance - Digga Australia

Advanced design for minimal ground disturbance

Advanced design creates finely crumbed spoil for effective re-compaction and minimal ground disturbance.

Hydrive trencher - Anti-back flex chain design - Digga Australia

Anti-back flex chain design

You can be guaranteed of quality and superior performance with our Anti-back Flex design. It prevents the chain links from flexing back in tough soil conditions.

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