Digga Flail Mower for Excavators

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Digga Flail Mower for Excavators

Machine Suitability: Excavators up to 10T

Tough and Versatile, the Digga Flail Mower is perfect for clearing vegetation on hillsides, roadways, ditches, utility right-of-way’s, riverbanks, lakes and more.

Easily manage grass, vegetation & hardwoods up to 100mm in diameter. Diameters up to 150mm can be managed as well on an occasional basis.

Price Inclusions:

Flail Mower, Standard Hitch, Case Drum Hose, Hydaulic Hoses & Couplers. 


1. EXCAVATORS 3 TO 6T / 60 TO 85LPM - 760mm

2. EXCAVATORS 6 TO 10T / 120 TO 150LPM - 1000mm

3. Optional Saddle Thumb 


Allows operator to mow in both directions & control direction of cut material

The adjustable skid shoes do not interfere with or obstruct cutting capability in either direction

The manifold can be mounted on either side for optimal hose routings

Blades come to a complete stop within 5 seconds when connected to the bi-directional circuit increasing safety for operators and bystanders

The torsion disc improves on conventional rubber disc isolation technology by using metal springs to absorb stress forces experienced during operation.

Smoother Cuts - staggered blade pattern significantly reduces the transfer of cyclical impact forces to the drivetrain.


Model 760mm / 30" 1000mm / 40"
Rec Flow Range (lpm) 65 - 85 120 - 150
Max Pressure Bar 345 Bar
Cutting Capacity (mm) 100 100
Rotational Speed (rpm) 1800 - 2200 1800 - 2200
Machine Suitability (tonnes) Up to 6 6 to 10
Case Drain Required Yes Yes
Overall Width (mm) 813 1065
Cutting Width (mm) 724 975
Depth (mm) 750 750
Weight (kg) 380 533
Blade Stands 8 10