Digga Debris Cleaner

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Digga Debris Cleaner

Machine Suitability: Skid Steer Loaders (most frame options available)

Available in 2800mm & 3300mm

Perfect for mining and manufacturing to remove overspill and debris from beneath conveyor belts, this Aussie made attachment is available in both a 2800mm and 3300mm reach.

NB: This product is made to oder. Please enquire for current build and delivery times on this product before purchace. 

Price Inclusions:

Debris Cleaner

Standard Frame (Non Standard Frames Incur a Surcharge)

2.5m Harness WT 2 Pin Male Deutch Plug Hoses & Couplers


2800mm reach or 3300mm reach 

Select Electrical Kit For Skid Steer Loaders with Service Plug:

-EK-000001: For Machines with 8 Pin Service Plug

-EK-000003: For Machines with 14 Pin Service Plug (DIY Kit)

-EH-000011: Plug and Play Kit for Bobcat machines with 7 pin service plug. You can also contact Bobcat if you want to use machine controls.

-DC-000053: Plug and Play Kit for Skid Steer Loaders with No Service Plug 

Optional Extras:

Joystick Mounted Toggle Switch

3M Extension Harness

6M Extension Harness

12M Extension Harness 

For custom setups not available in the cart please contact us directly. 


  • Replaceable 350mm paddles & teeth.
  • Runs heavy duty 2” chain.
  • Only 1 set of hydraulic machine remotes required.
  • Bolt on slide frame allows use by most skid steer loaders.
  • Hydraulic slew up to 87 degrees right from centre.
  • Sizes available; 2800mm & 3300mm reach.
  • Bumper & safety bar surrounds chain for added safety.
  • Tungsten teeth located in between paddles to loosen harder materials.
  • Quality Australian Made.
  • Optional hard facing of paddles available
Specification 2800 3300
Hydraulic Flow (Recommended Continuous) 75 lpm 75 lpm
Hydraulic Flow (Recommended Intermittent) 115 lpm 115 lpm
Max Pressure (Continuous) 205 bar 205 bar
Max Pressure (Peak) 240 bar 240 bar
Number of Paddles 25 30
Paddle Reach 2800 mm 3300 mm
Length 3325 mm 3820 mm
Height 715 mm 715 mm
Width 1031 mm 1031 mm
Weight 570 kg 635 kg