Digga 30mm Double Pin Hitch for Auger Drives

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Machine and Required Dimensions: Choose an option

Machine and Required Dimensions: Choose an option
BOB 17 30P/123C/110E
HIT 17 30P/120C/124E
CAS 17 30P/142C/109E
CAT 17 30P/126C/110E
HYU 17 30P/140C/122E
KOB 17 30P/105C/110E
KOM 17 30P/124C/122E
KUB 17 30P/85C/100E
KUB 25 30P/139C/113E
TAK 17 30P/132C/113E
SAN 17 30P/135C/115E
XCMG 15 30P/139C/110E
XCMG 15 30P/90C/95E
TAK 19 30P/161C/126E
WN 17 30P/230C/185E
OTHER ??P/??C/??E

Digga 30mm Double Pin Hitch for Auger Drives

Choose from our range of Digga's Double Pin Hitches to suit mini excavators with 30mm pins.

P = Pin Diameter
C = Center to Center of Pins
E = Between the Ears/Bosses

AIRMAN AX17U & HITACHI ZX17U with 30P/120C/124E

E17, E20 with 30P/123C/110E

CX17B & KOBELCO SK17SR-1, -2, -3, -4 with 30P/142C/109E

301.5 / 301.7 / 301.8 with 30P/126C/110E

R17Z-9 with 30P/140C/122E

KATO HD17, KOBELCO SK17SR-5 &-6 & YANMAR Vio17 with 30P/105C/110E

KOMATSU PC18 with 30P/124C/122E

KUBOTA KX41, KX016, KX018, U17 with 30P/85C/100E

KUBOTA U25-3S with 30P/139C/113E

TAKEUCHI TB016, TB216, TB217R with 30P/132C/113E

TAKEUCHI TB219 with 30P/161C/126E

SANY SY16C with 30P/135C/115E

XCMG XE15 with 30P/139C/110E

UHI UME18 & XCMG XE15 with 30P/90C/95E

WACKER NEUSON EZ17 with 30P/230C/185E

OTHER Make and Model ??P/??C/??E Please add your hitch specs at checkout

    How to measure your hitch specs:

    1. Choose one of your attachments.
    2. Measure the Pin Diameters. Check both front and back pins.
    3. Measure the pin centres. From the centre of the front pin to the centre of the back pin.
    4. Measure the width where the hitch of the machine fits between the ears or bosses. Which ever is narrowest.

    Please note that ear widths shown above maybe slightly wider than your measurement. This is to allow ease of picking up your auger drive because it is on a Link Block and may move whilst attempting to it pick up.

    Package Variants
    Machine and Required Dimensions

    BOB 17 30P/123C/110E, HIT 17 30P/120C/124E, CAS 17 30P/142C/109E, CAT 17 30P/126C/110E, HYU 17 30P/140C/122E, KOB 17 30P/105C/110E, KOM 17 30P/124C/122E, KUB 17 30P/85C/100E, KUB 25 30P/139C/113E, TAK 17 30P/132C/113E, SAN 17 30P/135C/115E, XCMG 15 30P/139C/110E, XCMG 15 30P/90C/95E, TAK 19 30P/161C/126E, WN 17 30P/230C/185E, OTHER ??P/??C/??E