1/2" Flat Faced Couplers (Pair - Female and Male) with adaptor nipples

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1/2" Flat Faced Couplers

Pair including 1x Female and 1x Male flat faced hydraulic couplers

Plus 2x 1/2" to 1/2" adaptor nipples

Why do I need these?

  • Some machines do not have hydraulic couplers on them. 
  • Check on the boom of your machine for hydraulic fittings.
  • Some machines have hydraulic blocks that you can turn the hydraulic oil on and off through a ball valve. 
  • Other machines may just have an outlet for the oil on the boom.
  • If you have blocks or an outlet that has plugs in them then you will require the adaptor nipples.

1/2" Parallel Thread - 1/2" Coupling

Male measures 25mm in diameter


  • Flat Face couplers are easy to clean, reducing contamination inside the hydraulic circuit
  • Minimises fluid spillage during connection & disconnection
  • Minimises air intrusion during connection
  • Locking sleeve prevents accidental disconnection and damage

1/2" BSP Hydraulic Flat face Couplings - ISO-16028 & HTMA Standards for High Working Pressure, Nitrile seals (-20C to +100C), Zinc plated Carbon steel.

Interchanges with Stucchi "A", Parker FEM, Faster FFH, Holmbury HQ, Dixon HT, Eaton 12FFP, Safeway FF49, Voswinkel FH/FF, Gromelle 629-A, DNP PLT4, CEJN X65 series Flat Face Couplings.