Rock Saws

Austramac Rock Saws.

Since 2005, Austramac focuses its mission on the research and development of the FLASHCUT Diamond Rock Saw. Today Austramac is the leader in the production, supply, and servicing of Diamond Rock Saws, in Australia and worldwide.

Austramac guarantees quality, competitive prices, and top-class service before, during, and after the purchase. Due to extensive experience in the industry, Austramac provides the best, most effective solutions for all needs.

To ensure the easy use of the FLASHCUT Diamond Rock Saw, Austramac offers a range of optional and accessories, for both the operator's needed and specifications of the job.

Austramac offers consulting services to existing and potential customers. Austramac's patents and long experience in the industry, make clients have an expert partner in the advanced cutting technology.

When most of contractors think of Austramac, they think about useful, solid and strong machines.