RC4 - Rock/Combination - 65mm Round Drive

RC or Rock/Combination Augers from Earthmoving Warehouse are an all-ground type tapered teeth Auger.

RC4 augers are designed to chew through dirt, asphalt, concrete, chalky and fractured rock types including shale, mudstone, sandstone, limestone and tuff. They will also drill through sand, loam and clay.

RC4 Augers have as standard 65mm round drive hub and they are available in 150mm to 600mm diameter.

RC4 Augers suit machines from 800kg to 5 tonnes and torque ratings to 5000Nm.

RC4 Augers are available in 3 different drive hub sizes: 65mm Round, 50.8mm Hex and 57mm Square drive. 65mm is most common and other drives may have lead times to manufacture.