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Probst Round Grab RG-75/125-SAFELOCK

Probst Round Grab RG-75/125-SAFELOCK

$18,569.00 AUD
  The Probst Round Grab RG-75/125-SAFELOCK is a powerful and user-friendly pipe grab designed to streamline and secure the lifting, transporting, and laying of medium to large concrete pipes in...
Probst Round Grab RG-20/85-SAFELOCK

Probst Round Grab RG-20/85-SAFELOCK

$7,819.00 AUD
The Probst Round Grab RG-20/85-SAFELOCK is a compact and powerful pipe lifting attachment designed to safely and efficiently handle concrete pipes in construction and plumbing applications. Here's why the RG-20/85-SAFELOCK...
Probst Round Grab RG-100/150-SAFELOCK

Probst Round Grab RG-100/150-SAFELOCK

$28,145.00 AUD
The Probst Round Grab RG-100/150-SAFELOCK is a mechanical pipe grab designed to streamline and secure the lifting, moving, and laying of large concrete pipes in civil construction and plumbing projects....

Ensure efficient and secure pipe handling on your plumbing or civil construction projects with Probst pipe grabs. Probst, a leading manufacturer of material handling solutions from Germany, offers a range of pipe grabs designed to simplify pipe lifting, lowering, and placement.

Here's why Probst pipe grabs are the perfect choice for your next project:

  • Enhanced Safety: Probst pipe grabs prioritize safety. The patented SAFELOCK mechanism (on models like the RG-75/125-SAFELOCK) maintains clamping force even when the carrier is lowered, preventing accidental drops. This feature allows for single-person operation, increasing efficiency while reducing risks.

  • Versatility for Various Pipes: Probst offers pipe grabs suitable for different pipe sizes and materials. The RG series, for instance, comes in models like the RG-8/40 for small diameter pipes (80-400 mm), the RG-75/125-SAFELOCK for larger concrete pipes (720-1280 mm) and the RG-100/150-SAFELOCK for pipes diameters between 970-1530 mm.

  • Efficient Pipe Manoeuvring: Probst pipe grabs are designed for smooth operation. Many models like the RG series feature adjustable gripping arms that adapt to various pipe diameters. Additionally, the slim design allows for easy manoeuvring in narrow trenches, common in pipe laying projects.

  • Reduced Labour Costs: By eliminating the need for manual handling and complex lifting methods, Probst pipe grabs boost productivity and minimize labour requirements. This translates to reduced labour costs and faster project completion times.

  • Compatibility with Existing Equipment: Probst pipe grabs are mechanically operated, meaning they don't require hydraulic connections. This makes them compatible with a wide range of machinery, including cranes, excavators, skid steers, and even tractors (depending on the model).

Probst pipe grabs are ideal for companies that:

  • Prioritize safety in pipe handling operations.
  • Work with various pipe sizes and materials.
  • Seek to streamline pipe laying and manoeuvring processes.
  • Aim to reduce labour costs and project completion times.
  • Utilize a diverse range of construction machinery.

Invest in Probst pipe grabs and experience the difference in your pipe handling efficiency and safety. Browse our selection of pipe grabs to find the perfect model for your specific needs.