Pallet Forks and Bale Spears

Premium Quality Pallet Forks and Bale Spears

Digga Pallet Forks have a floating tyne design offers unparalleled safety for skid steer loaders. Unlike forklifts, skid steers are able to crowd their pickup past horizontal allowing the machine to be placed in an unsafe position, which could cause it to tip over. Digga’s pallet fork design allows the tynes to swing freely from a single lockable point ensuring load and operator safety. Furthermore the design prevents the machine’s weight to be placed on the tynes which could cause them to break.

Available to suit all makes and models of mini loader, skid steer, and tractor.

Digga Pallet Fork/Bale Spears, Digga Bale Spear/Pallet Forks and Digga Bale Spears

Available in 3 combinations:

Pallet Fork/Bale Spears are Pallet Forks that are easily converted into Bale Spears

Bale Spear/Pallet Forks are Bale Spears that are easily converted into Pallet Forks

Bale Spears are dedicated to picking up bales of hay only.

We Provide Anyone in Australia with the Digga Pallet Forks and Bales Spears They Need

If you are looking for high quality Digga pallet forks or bale spears, you can find it right here. Our stock comes at excellent prices, and we can serve you wherever you are in Australia. When you choose Earthmoving Warehouse, you select the number one supplier of Australia’s best earthmoving attachments.

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