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A4 Hole Cleaner Welded Shaft with 65mm Round Drive Earthmoving Warehouse

A4 Hole Cleaner Welded Shaft with 65mm Round Drive

From $639.00 AUD
The A4 Hole Cleaner with Welded Shafts fit to any 65mm round drive extension bar or drive unit. Available in 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm and 600mm diameters. Over All...

The A4 65mm Round Drive Hole Cleaners with Welded Shaft suit all 65mm round drive auger drives.

Attach to any auger drive with 65mm round hub, the A4 Hole Cleaners remove spoil from the bottom of your post hole or pier hole. Especially required to pass council inspection.

How it works: There is a pie shaped wedge cut out of the bottom of the hole cleaner that has a cutting edge welded in to pick up spoil and cut smooth the bottom of the hole. Rotating clockwise and applying some downward pressure the cutting edge pushes the spoil up into the "bucket" are of the hole cleaner. To empty your bucket lay the hole cleaner on the ground, with your machine, and rotate anti-clockwise.