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Concrete Sleeper Grab Earthmoving Warehouse

Concrete Sleeper Grab

$745.00 AUD
Sleeper Grab For Lifting and Placement of Concrete SleepersThe Concrete Sleeper Grab for lifting concrete sleepers are designed and manufactured in Australia. Included with a lifting eye for attaching to...
Roo Attachments Hydraulic Grab 4 - 6T with Dual Rams Earthmoving Warehouse

6T Backhoe Hydraulic Grab

$4,180.00 AUD
Roo Attachments 4.5 to 6 T rated Hydraulic Grab with Dual Hydraulic CylindersSuits backhoes of all makes and models with 45mm pins.SpecificationsSuits all makes and models of backhoe up to 6T with 45mm PinsMake:...
6T Backhoe Mechanical Grab

6T Backhoe Mechanical Grab

$3,074.00 AUD
Roo Attachments 4.5 to 5.5T rated Solid Finger Grab Suits backhoes of all makes and models to 6 tonnes. Solid Finger Grab for Backhoes The Roo Attachments Solid Finger Grabs are the perfect choice for...