Slashers for Mini Excavators - EQ-EXSL900 Slasher

Slashers for Mini Excavators - EQ-EXSL900 Slasher

Fair Dinkum Clearin': Conquering the Bush with the Earthquake EQ-EXSL900 Excavator Slasher

Keeping your land clear of pesky scrub and overgrown gumnuts is a never-ending battle, especially for those with big blocks or working in the landscaping biz. While whipper snippers and bush cutters get the job done, they can be a fair suck of the sav and leave you buggered quicker than a galah in a thunderstorm. Here's where the ripper Earthquake EQ-EXSL900 excavator slasher comes in, turning your mini excavator into a land-clearing champion.

Circular Design

The EQ-EXSL900's standout feature is its beaut circular design. This cracker of an idea allows you to manoeuvre around things like trees, fences, and those pesky whirlybirds with the agility of a kangaroo. No more mucking around with square attachments that snag on everything – the EQ-EXSL900 lets you rip through the scrub like a budgie through a seed buffet, even in tight spaces.

Built Tough for Aussie Conditions

Don't let the flash design fool ya – the EQ-EXSL900 is built tough as nails for the Aussie outback. The solid disc packs a punch with two heavy-duty stump jump cutter blades that make short work of thick brush and saplings – those bloody gum suckers won't stand a chance. The Aussie-made gearbox, deck, and head bracket are built to last, and the Swedish-made motor packs a serious wallop.

Top Features for Top Blokes (and Sheilas)

Here's some extra bits and bobs that make the EQ-EXSL900 a ripper choice:

  • 3-point rest legs: Keep things stable as a rock while you're whizzing through the scrub.
  • Debris chains: Stop ya from copping a face full of sticks and leaves – fair dinkum lifesaver!

Perfect for the True Blue Crew

  • Landowners with big blocks: Maintaining firebreaks, fence lines, and keeping those paddocks clear is a walk in the park with the EQ-EXSL900.
  • Contractors: Get on top of those big clearing jobs quicker and easier, leaving you with more time to crack a coldie after work.
  • Anyone who wants a fair dinkum clearing solution: This beaut attachment is a top addition to any mini excavator owner's toolkit.

Equipping Your Mini Excavator for Success

If you're sick of battling overgrown land and want to turn your mini excavator into a ripper machine, the Earthquake EQ-EXSL900 excavator slasher is the perfect choice. Its innovative design, top-notch build quality, and impressive features make it the ultimate tool for any clearing project.

Keen to Learn More?

For more info on the Earthquake EQ-EXSL900 excavator slasher, including all the technical mumbo jumbo and where to get your hands on one, head to the Earthmoving Warehouse website or suss out your local dealer.